Chapter 8. Creating Flexibility with Layer Masks

So far in this book, we've covered several important Photoshop concepts. Some of them are more important to us than others because they're encountered more often in a n on-destructive workflow. With that in mind, most of these concepts pale in comparison to the concept you learn about in this chapter: layer masking.

When I first began using Photoshop many years ago, I heard and read about masks and masking, but I never really understood what they were or how they're supposed to be used. The concept just seemed so abstract. A couple of years later, when I finally understood masking, it completely changed the way I did things from then on.

My goal in this chapter is to help you learn about masking so you can begin using this powerful technique now. I explain exactly what layer masks are, show you how to create them, and then show you how to leverage them by combining masks with some of the things you've already learned in this book. When you're through with this chapter, you'll be ready to take your Photoshop workflow to a higher level.

Understanding Layer Masks

My neighbors recently had their house painted. Before the painter began spraying the house with paint, he used masking tape and paper to cover ...

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