Chapter 1. Making Selections

In This Chapter

  • Capturing selections with the Marquee tools

  • Roping selections with the Lasso tools

  • Picking up pixels with the Magic Wand tool

  • Selecting quickly to save time

No matter how much you know about Photoshop, if you can't make a good selection, your work will look like it belongs with the creatively (but poorly) composed images in those weekly tabloid rags. You know what I'm talking about — those pictures that go alongside headlines like "Bat Boy Wins Bake-Off" and "Woman with 16 Fingers Wins Typing Contest."


Making accurate selections is the key to creating and editing images effectively so that the end result looks flawless. Fortunately, Photoshop offers a bevy of tools and techniques for creating selections, from the simple to the complex. Photoshop offers three basic methods of creating a selection: using a selection tool or method, using the Pen tool, or creating a mask.

Making Selections

In this chapter, I give you the foundation you need to use the selection and Pen tools. In fact, the rest of Book III covers these tools in detail. I cover the more complex method of masking in Book VI.

Defining Selections

The tools I discuss in this chapter require you to take a little piece of a larger image so that you can dig in and make some serious edits. Defining a selection means that you specify which part of the image you want to work with. Everything within a selection ...

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