Chapter 23. Color Management


Color accuracy and consistency

Calibrating devices, such as monitors and printers

Specifying and using color settings

Printing using color management

Color management is one of the most confusing aspects of designing on a computer. Color can be a fickle thing — and the devices that reproduce color can be even more fickle, with any number of variables from ambient light, to the condition of the connecting cables, to inconsistencies in the batch of inks in your printer all affecting the final appearance of the colors that are produced. The word "morass" comes to mind.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A color-managed workflow can help to ensure consistency between what you see on your screen, and what gets output to your printer, or published on the Internet.

In this chapter, you'll learn to make sense of the somewhat bewildering elements of color management, from calibrating your devices, to embedding and converting color profiles in your documents, and previewing what they'll look like on different devices. So take a deep breath and dive in.

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