Welcome to the Photoshop CS4 Bible, the latest edition of the bestselling book on Adobe Photoshop software in publishing history. We are honored to have been given the opportunity to author this edition, and we pay homage to the revered previous Photoshop Bible authors: Photoshop-Hall-of-Famer Deke McClelland, the original author, and Photoshop gurus Laurie Ulrich Fuller and Robert C. Fuller.

The Photoshop Bible traditionally has been the must-have comprehensive reference for Photoshop users around the world. It is the longest continuously published title on Photoshop, with more than 16 U.S. Editions, dozens of translated editions, and more than a million copies in print worldwide.

Who the Book Is For

This is an exciting time in the evolution of Adobe Photoshop, the world's leading image-editing software, industry standard, and preventer of boredom. I am convinced that you can never run out of new things to do with Photoshop. And if you need to do anything with images, especially on a professional basis, chances are you either already use or would benefit from using Photoshop. It spans the gamut of users, from the home user retouching treasured family photos to the professional user designing logos to the artist creating digital paintings for movies to NASA analyzing space mission photos. And never before has Photoshop had so many features that make working with images easier, more productive, more creative, or more alluring.

With this in mind, the Photoshop CS4 ...

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