Chapter 17. Noise, Grain, Dust, Pixelization, and Jagged Edges


Get rid of overall pixelated look

Fix undesirable edges

Dust removal


In photographic terms, noise refers to the grainy dots that can sometimes appear, particularly in the dark areas of pictures taken in low-light conditions. Noise can be either good or bad, though — sometimes it can add to the mood of a photograph, creating a classic, timeless feel; or, especially in the case of digital photos taken at a high film speed (ISO) setting, it can produce distracting multi-colored blobs.

Pixelization, dust, and halftone patterns (which are sometimes introduced when scanning images) are examples of other undesirable artifacts that can show up in your images. In this chapter, you'll learn how to combat unwanted noise and pixelization by using various filters and other techniques.

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