Chapter 28. Working with Technical Images


Using DICOM medical scans in Photoshop

MATLAB and Photoshop

Enhanced measurement and counting

Photoshop's robust features make it a critical tool for professionals working in a wide range of industries. In this chapter, you'll be introduced to the advanced features that are available in the Extended version of Photoshop CS4 and that are quickly becoming indispensable to medical professionals, scientists, engineers, and architects. DICOM support makes it possible to work with images generated by medical scans. MATLAB integration allows scientists and engineers to visualize complex algorithms using Photoshop. And architects can benefit from the enhanced measuring tools that Photoshop CS4 offers.

These are complex tools, and this book is already thick enough without trying to go into detail about medical imaging or visualizing financial data, but there should be enough information here to pique the interest of casual users. Advanced users who are familiar with these concepts should also benefit, as this chapter should give you some idea as to how Photoshop can become a part of your workflow, if it isn't already.

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