Chapter 16. Painting and Brushes


  • Painting in Photoshop

  • Using brush-style editing tools to edit photos

  • Painting with brush and non-brush tools

  • Using Photoshop's new wet paint capabilities

  • Customizing paint brush settings

  • Painting and tracing techniques

Although Photoshop is typically thought of as a photo-editing package, it also includes an arsenal of tools that makes it one of the premier painting applications as well. In fact, painting in Photoshop means much more than in most other painting applications.

What makes painting so effective in Photoshop is that Adobe combined the powerful photo-editing tools with the paint brush tools so you can use paint brush strokes to apply localized photo editing and you can apply photo editing techniques to your painting.

This chapter discusses the Brush tools available in Photoshop for both editing and painting purposes. It also covers how to configure custom brushes to increase the capability of those tools. Before you begin painting in Photoshop, you likely want to switch to the Painting workspace by selecting Window

Painting and Brushes

Painting in Photoshop

Painting in Photoshop means much more than just painting colors onto a blank document with a brush. Painting means using brushing techniques to apply effects to fix problem areas of photographs, retrace history, blend layers, apply color, and mix colors.

In this chapter, we discuss the tools and techniques ...

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