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Photoshop® CS5: Top 100 Simplified® Tips & Tricks

Book Description

Intermediate-level users learn to coax much more from Photoshop

Photoshop is the preferred image-editing software, with more than four million users worldwide. Professional photographers, Web designers, graphic designers, and serious photo hobbyists who already know earlier versions of Photoshop will expand their skills by mastering these techniques. Fully revised for the newest Photoshop release, this guide uses step-by-step instructions and full-color screen shots to make comprehension quick and easy for the visual learner.

  • Photoshop is the image-editing software preferred by professional photographers and designers around the world; new functionality and enhanced tools in the latest version enable new shortcuts and techniques

  • This full-color guide shows intermediate-level users how to coax more from Photoshop with professional tips and tricks

  • Packed with cool and valuable advice to help you take advantage of Photoshop's newest bells and whistles and take your skills to new heights

Photoshop Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks provides a visual reference that teaches adventurous users how to make the most of Photoshop.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Trademark Acknowledgments
    2. Contact Us
    3. Permissions
  4. How to Use This Book
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. The Conventions in This Book
  5. 1. Customize Photoshop for Your Projects
    1. 1.1. SELECT THE COLOR SETTINGS for your projects
    2. 1.2. SET THE PREFERENCES for the way you work
    3. 1.3. Set up and save your own CUSTOMIZED WORKSPACE
    4. 1.4. SWITCH YOUR WORKSPACES to work more efficiently
    5. 1.5. Change your WINDOW VIEWS
    6. 1.6. CUSTOMIZE YOUR VIEW of Bridge
    7. 1.7. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MINI BRIDGE to find your files
    8. 1.8. ADD A KEYBOARD SHORTCUT for a favorite filter
    9. 1.9. CREATE A CUSTOM ACTION to increase your efficiency
    10. 1.10. DESIGN A CUSTOMIZED BRUSH with your settings
    11. 1.11. Load OPTIONAL BRUSH SETS
    12. 1.12. MAKE A SPECIAL GRADIENT to suit your design
    13. 1.13. CALIBRATE AND PROFILE your monitor for better editing
    14. 1.14. Turn on the full power of Photoshop with a PEN TABLET
  6. 2. Work with Layers, Selections, and Masks
    1. 2.1. NAME AND COLOR-CODE LAYERS to organize the Layers panel
      1. 2.1.1. Close Layer Tabs
      2. 2.1.2. Rename Layers
      3. 2.1.3. Color Code Layers
    2. 2.2. DUPLICATE AND CHANGE the Background layer for more options
    3. 2.3. Adjust a photo with an ADJUSTMENT LAYER
    4. 2.4. BLEND TWO PHOTOS TOGETHER with an automatic layer mask
    5. 2.5. Add a design with a CUSTOM SHAPE LAYER
    6. 2.6. ACCENTUATE A SKY with a gradient fill layer
    7. 2.7. Make a selection with the QUICK SELECTION TOOL
    8. 2.8. USE REFINE EDGE to improve any selection
    9. 2.9. PAINT A QUICK MASK to make a detailed selection
    10. 2.10. ADD LAYERS as Smart Objects for flexible changes
      1. 2.10.1. Open an Image as a Smart Object
      2. 2.10.2. Convert an Open Image Layer to a Smart Object Layer
      3. 2.10.3. Open an Image as a Smart Object and Copy It to Another Document
    11. 2.11. APPLY FILTERS AS SMART FILTERS for dynamic adjustments
    12. 2.12. AUTOMATICALLY BLEND multiple images to get the best color
  7. 3. Straighten, Crop, and Resize
    1. 3.1. CROP YOUR IMAGES to improve composition
    2. 3.2. Easily level a CROOKED HORIZON
    3. 3.3. Expand the canvas with a REVERSE CROP
    4. 3.4. STRAIGHTEN CROOKED SCANS quickly
    5. 3.5. CROP CREATIVELY for a diptych, triptych, or quadriptych
    6. 3.6. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE with the Crop tool
    7. 3.7. Correct geometric distortion with the LENS CORRECTION FILTER
      1. 3.7.1. Use the Automatic Correction
      2. 3.7.2. Use the Custom Correction
    8. 3.8. Use Photomerge to ASSEMBLE A PANORAMA
    9. 3.9. RESIZE YOUR IMAGE with minimal visible loss
  8. 4. Retouch Portraits
    1. 4.1. REMOVE BLEMISHES and improve the skin
    2. 4.2. REMOVE BLEMISHES and improve the skin
    3. 4.3. REDUCE WRINKLES with a soft touch
    4. 4.4. REMOVE RED EYE to quickly improve any photo
      1. 4.4.1. Remove Red Eye in Photoshop
      2. 4.4.2. Remove Red Eye in Camera Raw
    5. 4.5. CHANGE EYE COLOR digitally
    6. 4.6. Add a gradient layer to LIGHTEN THE IRISES
    7. 4.7. BRIGHTEN THE EYES by lightening the whites
    8. 4.8. ADD DEPTH TO THE EYES to emphasize them
    9. 4.9. ADD DEPTH TO THE EYES to emphasize them
    10. 4.10. ADD A CATCHLIGHT to make the eyes come alive
    11. 4.11. SELECTIVELY SHARPEN JUST THE EYES to add focus
    12. 4.12. WHITEN TEETH to improve a smile
  9. 5. Enhance Colors, Tone, and Sharpness in Photos
    1. 5.1. Improve an underexposed photo in TWO STEPS
    2. 5.2. Improve an overexposed photo in THREE STEPS
    3. 5.3. REMOVE A COLORCAST to improve the overall color
    4. 5.4. COLORIZE a black-and-white photograph
    5. 5.5. Change a color photo into a CUSTOM GRAYSCALE PHOTO
    6. 5.6. ADD A CREATIVE TOUCH with a little color
    7. 5.7. DODGE AND BURN with a special layer
      1. 5.7.1. Use a Layer in the Soft Light Blend Mode
      2. 5.7.2. Use a Layer in the Overlay Blend Mode
    8. 5.8. Increase saturation subtly using a VIBRANCE ADJUSTMENT LAYER
    9. 5.9. SHARPEN THE PHOTO to correct digital softening
    10. 5.10. APPLY HIGH PASS SHARPENING to increase edge sharpness
  10. 6. Process Photos in Camera Raw
    1. 6.1. SET THE PREFERENCES to open any image in Camera Raw
      1. 6.1.1. Set the Camera Raw Preferences to Open JPEGs and TIFFs
    2. 6.2. CROP AND STRAIGHTEN in Camera Raw
    3. 6.3. RECOVER HIGHLIGHTS with Camera Raw
    4. 6.4. CHANGE THE WHITE BALANCE to a group of images in Camera Raw
    5. 6.5. Use the Targeted Adjustment tool in CAMERA RAW
    6. 6.6. IMPROVE A SKY with the Camera Raw graduated filter
    7. 6.7. CREATE A SPLIT TONE for a special effect in Camera Raw
  11. 7. Make Magic with Digital Special Effects
    1. 7.1. Apply a Photo Filter for dynamic adjustments
    2. 7.2. Add a vignette effect to Focus on the Subject
    3. 7.3. Add action with a SIMULATED MOTION BLUR
    4. 7.4. Remove image elements with a CONTENT-AWARE FILL
      1. 7.4.1. Remove an Area with a Content-Aware Fill
      2. 7.4.2. Remove an Area with the Spot Healing Brush and Content-Aware Option
    5. 7.5. SCALE AN IMAGE without distorting the subject
    6. 7.6. BLEND SEPARATE PHOTOS for the best group shot
    7. 7.7. MERGE MULTIPLE PHOTOS into an image with high dynamic range
      1. 7.7.1. Open Merge to HDR from Bridge
      2. 7.7.2. Open Merge to HDR Pro from Photoshop
    8. 7.8. USE A PUPPET WARP to alter your subject
    9. 7.9. ALTER DEPTH OF FIELD with a Lens Blur filter
    10. 7.10. ALTER DEPTH OF FIELD with a Lens Blur filter
    11. 7.11. Use the Auto Blend tool to create GREATER DEPTH OF FIELD
    12. 7.12. Use the Auto Blend tool to create GREATER DEPTH OF FIELD
    13. 7.13. EDIT IN PERSPECTIVE with the Vanishing Point filter
      1. 7.13.1. Add Items in Perspective
    14. 7.14. EDIT IN PERSPECTIVE with the Vanishing Point filter
      1. 7.14.1. Erase Items in Perspective
    15. 7.15. Use the Clone Stamp tool to SIMULATE A REFLECTION
    16. 7.16. Blend one image into another with a DISPLACEMENT MAP
    17. 7.17. Blend one image into another with a DISPLACEMENT MAP
  12. 8. Design with Text Effects
    1. 8.1. Design A NEON SIGN
    2. 8.2. CREATE A CUSTOM WATERMARK to protect your images
    3. 8.3. MAKE TEXT WRAP around a subject
    4. 8.4. WARP TYPE for a fun effect
    5. 8.5. ADD PERSPECTIVE TO TYPE and keep it sharp
    6. 8.6. Create a PHOTO-FILLED TITLE
    7. 8.7. Create a realistic COLORED SHADOW
    8. 8.8. WEAVE TEXT AND GRAPHICS for intriguing designs
  13. 9. Create Digital Artwork from Photographs
    1. 9.1. Make any photo appear SKETCHED ON THE PAPER
    2. 9.2. ADD YOUR OWN SIGNATURE to any artwork
    3. 9.3. CONVERT A PHOTO to a high-contrast stylized image
    4. 9.4. POSTERIZE A PHOTO for a Warhol-style image
    5. 9.5. POSTERIZE A PHOTO for a Warhol-style image
    6. 9.6. Set up the Mixer Brush and HUD for ART PROJECTS
    7. 9.7. Turn a photograph into a PENCIL SKETCH
    8. 9.8. Turn a photograph into a PENCIL SKETCH
    9. 9.9. Create a digital PEN-AND-INK DRAWING
    12. 9.12. CHANGE A PHOTOGRAPH into a pen-and-colored-wash drawing
    13. 9.13. CHANGE A PHOTOGRAPH into a pen-and-colored-wash drawing
    14. 9.14. Turn a photo into a HAND-PAINTED OIL PAINTING
    15. 9.15. Turn a photo into a HAND-PAINTED OIL PAINTING
    16. 9.16. Paint a DIGITAL WATERCOLOR
    17. 9.17. Paint a DIGITAL WATERCOLOR
  14. 10. Give Your Images a Professional Presentation
    1. 10.1. Quickly frame a photo with a FRAME ACTION
    2. 10.2. MAKE A LINE FRAME from within a photo
    3. 10.3. Apply a filter to give a photo an ARTISTIC EDGE
    4. 10.4. Create your own CUSTOM EDGE
    5. 10.5. Make a photo look like a GALLERY PRINT
    6. 10.6. Make a photo look like a GALLERY PRINT
    7. 10.7. MAKE A CONTACT SHEET of your photos
    8. 10.8. CREATE A SLIDE SHOW presentation
    9. 10.9. Create a WEB PHOTO GALLERY
      1. 10.9.1. Create a Web Gallery
      2. 10.9.2. Upload Your Web Gallery to an FTP Site
  15. 11. Plug In to Photoshop CS5
    1. 11.1. Control digital noise with NIK DFINE 2
      1. 11.1.1. Reduce Noise in Automatic Mode
      2. 11.1.2. Reduce Noise by Color Range
    2. 11.2. Sharpen photos with finesse using NIK SHARPENER PRO 3
      1. 11.2.1. Apply General Output Sharpening
      2. 11.2.2. Apply Creative Sharpening
    3. 11.3. Apply photo filters digitally using NIK COLOR EFEX PRO 3
    4. 11.4. Enhance colors and light selectively with NIK VIVEZA 2
    5. 11.5. Create a dynamic black-and-white image with NIK SILVER EFEX PRO
    6. 11.6. Colorize a black-and-white photo with AKVIS COLORIAGE
    7. 11.7. Create a graphite drawing with AKVIS SKETCH
    8. 11.8. USE ALIEN SKIN SNAP ART 2 to change your photos into art
      1. 11.8.1. Create a Stylized Drawing
      2. 11.8.2. Change the Look by Adding Another Filter
    9. 11.9. Create special effects with ALIEN SKIN EYE CANDY 6
    10. 11.10. Explore colors and tones visually with AUTO FX SOFTWARE
    11. 11.11. Enhance your portraits with IMAGENOMIC PORTRAITURE
    12. 11.12. Transform an image with an action from KUBOTA IMAGE TOOLS
      1. 11.12.1. Apply a Starburst Vignette with the Dashboard
      2. 11.12.2. Apply a Frame with the Dashboard
    13. 11.13. Add a frame for a finishing touch with ONONE PHOTOFRAME
    14. 11.14. Give a photo greater color depth with TOPAZ ADJUST