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Book Description

As a digital artist, you have the advantage of being able to combine all of the creative art forms using your medium-the computer. Photoshop CS5 Trickery & FX shows you how to take your creativity and your art to a new level by blending your traditional artistic skills and vision with the powerful tools of Adobe Photoshop CS5. Photoshop CS5 combines 2D, 3D, and video into one interface, and this latest version of the software includes significant improvements in the 3D tools and functionality.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
    1. Digital Involvement
  5. Introduction
    1. Bonus Videos
    2. System Requirements
    3. What’s on the DVD-ROM?
    4. DVD-ROM Downloads
  6. 1. Simplifying The Interface
    1. Open GL in CS5 Extended
    2. Wacom Tablet…An Important Peripheral for Artists
    3. Photoshop CS5 Layout
    4. Tools Palette
    5. Palettes
    6. Menus
    7. The New Paint Brush
    8. Creating Custom Brush Effects
    9. Creating Your Own Custom Brush Palette
    10. The Adobe Bridge Interface
    11. Bridge Viewing Options
    12. The Labeling Method
    13. Workflow In Bridge
    14. Creating Keywords For Each Image
    15. The Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) Interface
    16. Customizing ACR 6 Through The Options Panel
    17. The Retouch Tool
    18. Other Features In ACR 6
    19. What You Have Learned
  7. 2. Creating Your Concept Using A Custom Perspective
    1. Establishing A Custom Perspective
    2. Texturing The Lower Entrance
    3. Creating The Wall Lamps To Illuminate The Hallway
    4. Creating The Lid To The Underground Entrance
    5. Final Finishes To The Foreground
    6. Creating The Overpass
    7. What You Have Learned
  8. 3. Creating 3D Logos With Repoussé
    1. Get To Know Repoussé
    2. Creating A 3D Logo In Repoussé
    3. Create The Base For The Text Logo
    4. Create A Background For Your Scene
    5. Texture And Render The Final Image
    6. Add The Finishing Details
    7. What You Have Learned
  9. 4. Lighting And Image Based Lighting (Ibl)
    1. A Quick Look At Exporting Models
    2. Creating The Stage For Our Actor
    3. Import The 3D Character
    4. Using Photography For The Foreground
    5. Adding Ibl To The Scene
    6. Using Additional 3D Lighting Styles To Match The Scene
    7. Add The Finishing Details
    8. What You Have Learned
  10. 5. Using The New Brushes
    1. Setting Up The Wacom Tablet
    2. Setting Up The Initial Portrait
    3. Creating The Hair Using The New Brushes
    4. Applying The Hair
    5. What You Have Learned
  11. 6. Integrating 3D Objects Into A Photographic Scene
    1. 3D Content Lightwave
    2. A Quick Look At 3D Content In Poser
    3. Creating The Background
    4. Adding Lighting To The Scene
    5. Creating The Background
    6. Creating Smoke And Lasers
    7. What You Have Learned
  12. 7. 3D Integration For Designers
    2. Importing Third-Party 3D Objects
    3. Creating The Layout
    4. Altering The Surface Of The Car
    5. Adding Localized Bump And Reflective Characteristics
    6. Adding Depth Of Field
    7. Finishing Touches
    8. What You Have Learned
  13. 8. Fine Art Application With Cs5
    1. Altering The Reclining Figure
    2. Adding Texture To The Figure
    3. What You Have Learned
  14. 9. Animating Your 3D Model
    1. Understanding The Animation Timeline
    2. Take A Closer Look At The Animation Capabilities
    3. Additional Notes On Animating Effects
    4. What You Have Learned