Chapter 16. Printing Photos

Now that you’ve gone to so much trouble to make your photos look terrific, you no doubt want to share your masterpieces with other people. This chapter and the next two look at the many different options Elements gives you for sharing photos with the world at large.

This chapter covers the traditional method: printing photos. You can print them at home on an inkjet printer, take them to a kiosk at a local store, or order prints online. Elements makes it especially simple to use Shutterfly and Kodak Gallery, Adobe’s online printing partners. You also get an easy connection to several other popular online photo services (A Few More Ways to Share). The best thing about ordering prints online is that you’re not limited to just ordinary prints: You can create hardcover books, calendars, embarrassing t-shirts—you name it.


If you create online albums at (Online Albums), you can let friends order prints directly from your personal web page. (Those prints come from Shutterfly.)

It’s worth noting that while the basics of printing are the same whether you’re using a Windows computer or a Mac, some things are a bit different between the two platforms. As you go through this chapter, you’ll see the differences noted as they come up.

Getting Ready to Print

Whether you’re printing at home or sending photos to a printing service, you need to make sure your image files are set up to give you good-looking prints.

The first thing to check is the ...

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