Photoshop Elements 14 For Dummies

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The bestselling book on Photoshop Elements—now in a new edition

Getting great photos is easier than you think—it just takes some know-how and a tool like Adobe's Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements 14 For Dummies is a fun and easy-to-follow guide for photographers and photo enthusiasts who want to make their snapshots picture perfect. In no time, you'll tackle the basics of Photoshop Elements and find out how to execute hundreds of tasks, like using special effects and drawing tools, working with layers, improving your color and clarity, and so much more.

Photoshop Elements is the #1 selling consumer photo editing software, and Adobe continues to add innovative features that allow professional and self-made digital photographers to do it all. Written by veteran authors Barb Obermeier and Ted Padova, this full-color guide shows you how to make the most of the latest version of the software in a fun and friendly way that makes learning feel like play. Even if you have no digital image editing experience at all, this hands-on guide shows you how to take your photos from 'meh' to 'wow'—and have a blast along the way!

  • Get instant results using one-click editing options
  • Apply pro techniques to correct photo color and clarity
  • Show off your artsy side with special effects and filters
  • Find tips for improving edits and creative projects

The power and simplicity of Photoshop Elements makes it easy to turn out photos worth bragging about—and this no-nonsense guide will get you there in a flash.

Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Icons Used in This Book
      3. Beyond the Book
      4. Where to Go from Here
    3. Part I: Getting Started with Photoshop Elements 14
      1. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Image Editing
        1. Launching the Photo Editor
        2. Making Basic Edits in Quick Mode
        3. Sharing a Photo
        4. Creating Images from Scratch
        5. Retracing Your Steps
        6. Getting a Helping Hand
        7. Saving Files with Purpose
      2. Chapter 2: Basic Image-Editing Concepts
        1. Grappling with the Ubiquitous Pixels
        2. The Art of Resampling
        3. Choosing a Resolution for Print or Onscreen
        4. Go Ahead — Make My Mode!
        5. Understanding File Formats
        6. Getting Familiar with Color
        7. Getting Color Right
      3. Chapter 3: Exploring the Photo Editor
        1. Examining the Photo Editor
        2. Using the Photo Bin
        3. Finding Your Bearings in Guided Mode
        4. Controlling the Editing Environment
        5. Customizing Presets
    4. Part II: Managing Media
      1. Chapter 4: Navigating the Organizer
        1. Organizing Photos and Media on a Hard Drive
        2. Adding Images to the Organizer
        3. Navigating the Media Browser
        4. Using a Scanner
        5. Phoning in Your Images
        6. Setting Organizer Preferences
      2. Chapter 5: Organizing Your Pictures
        1. Touring the Organizer
        2. Organizing Groups of Images with Tags
        3. Rating Images with Stars
        4. Adding Images to an Album
        5. Adding People in the Media Browser
        6. Placing Pictures on Maps
        7. Working with Events
      3. Chapter 6: Viewing and Finding Your Images
        1. Cataloging Files
        2. Switching to a Different View
        3. Viewing Photos in a Slide Show
        4. Searching for Photos
        5. Grouping Files That Get in the Way
    5. Part III: Selecting and Correcting Photos
      1. Chapter 7: Making and Modifying Selections
        1. Defining Selections
        2. Creating Rectangular and Elliptical Selections
        3. Making Freeform Selections with the Lasso Tools
        4. Working Wizardry with the Magic Wand
        5. Modifying Your Selections
        6. Painting with the Selection Brush
        7. Painting with the Quick Selection Tool
        8. Fine-Tuning with the Refine Selection Brush
        9. Working with the Cookie Cutter Tool
        10. Eliminating with the Eraser Tools
        11. Using the Select Menu
      2. Chapter 8: Working with Layers
        1. Getting to Know Layers
        2. Working with Different Layer Types
        3. Tackling Layer Basics
        4. Moving a Layer’s Content
        5. Transforming Layers
        6. Adding Layer Masks
        7. Flattening and Merging Layers
      3. Chapter 9: Simple Image Makeovers
        1. Cropping and Straightening Images
        2. Recomposing Images
        3. Employing One-Step Auto Fixes
        4. Editing in Quick Mode
        5. Fixing Small Imperfections with Tools
      4. Chapter 10: Correcting Contrast, Color, and Clarity
        1. Editing Your Photos Using a Logical Workflow
        2. Adjusting Lighting
        3. Adjusting Color
        4. Adjusting Clarity
        5. Working Intelligently with the Smart Brush Tools
    6. Part IV: Exploring Your Inner Artist
      1. Chapter 11: Playing with Filters, Effects, Styles, and More
        1. Having Fun with Filters
        2. Correcting Camera Distortion
        3. Exploring Element’s Unique Filters
        4. Dressing Up with Photo and Text Effects
        5. Adding Shadows, Glows, and More
        6. Mixing It Up with Blend Modes
        7. Using Photomerge
      2. Chapter 12: Drawing and Painting
        1. Choosing Color
        2. Getting Artsy with the Pencil and Brush Tools
        3. Filling and Outlining Selections
        4. Splashing on Color with the Paint Bucket Tool
        5. Working with Multicolored Gradients
        6. Working with Patterns
        7. Creating Shapes of All Sorts
      3. Chapter 13: Working with Type
        1. Understanding Type Basics
        2. Creating Point Type
        3. Creating Paragraph Type
        4. Creating Path Type
        5. Specifying Type Options
        6. Editing Text
        7. Simplifying Type
        8. Masking with Type
        9. Stylizing and Warping Type
    7. Part V: Printing, Creating, and Sharing
      1. Chapter 14: Getting It on Paper
        1. Getting Pictures Ready for Printing
        2. Working with Color Printer Profiles
        3. Getting Familiar with the Print Dialog Box
      2. Chapter 15: Sharing Your Work
        1. Getting Familiar with the Elements Sharing Options
        2. Using the Share Panel
        3. Creating Facebook Cover Images
      3. Chapter 16: Making Creations
        1. Checking Out the Create Panel
        2. Grasping Creation-Assembly Basics
        3. Creating a Slide Show
        4. Creating a PDF Slide Show
        5. Making Additional Creations
    8. Part VI: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Composing Better Photos
        1. Find a Focal Point
        2. Use the Rule of Thirds
        3. Cut the Clutter
        4. Frame Your Shot
        5. Employ Contrast
        6. Experiment with Viewpoints
        7. Use Leading Lines
        8. Use Light
        9. Give Direction
        10. Consider Direction of Movement
      2. Chapter 18: Ten (Or So) More Project Ideas
        1. Screen Savers
        2. Flyers, Ads, and Online Auctions
        3. Clothes, Hats, and More
        4. Posters
        5. Household and Business Inventories
        6. Project Documentation
        7. School Reports and Projects
        8. Blogs
        9. Wait — There’s More
    9. About the Authors
    10. Cheat Sheet
    11. Advertisement Page
    12. Connect with Dummies
    13. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Photoshop Elements 14 For Dummies
  • Author(s): Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova
  • Release date: October 2015
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119131946