Chapter 6

Viewing and Finding Your Images


Bullet Working with catalogs

Bullet Switching to different views

Bullet Viewing Memories

Bullet Searching for your photos

Bullet Grouping your files in stacks

Photo organization begins with adding images to a catalog. By default, the Organizer creates a new catalog for you (so you might not even notice the presence of your catalog without reading this book). As your catalog grows with the addition of more files, you’ll want to discover ways to search and use a given set of images for a project.

In this chapter, we begin by talking about catalogs and then look at how to view and organize your pictures in the Organizer and the Media Browser. We show how the many options help speed up your work in Photoshop Elements. Before tackling this chapter, get familiar with the Organizer. Chapter 4 offers a brief glimpse of the Organizer and looks at a few different views; Chapter 5 explains how to tag photos and create photo albums in the Organizer.

Cataloging Files ...

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