Chapter 19

The Ten Best Guided Edits


Bullet Correcting skin tones

Bullet Removing objects

Bullet Replacing backgrounds

Bullet Improving contrast

Bullet Resizing images

With each release of Photoshop Elements, Adobe adds to the library of Guided Edits, which enable you to do complex tasks easily by following a series of steps. There are now more than 60 Guided Edits to choose from. Some of the edits are pure fun and whimsy, and you may use them every now and then. Others are more practical and designed to really help improve your photos. These are the ones that will become part of your regular toolkit to get your images looking their best. Here are ten of our favorites.

Correct Skin Tone

Occasionally, certain kinds of lighting can make the people in your portraits look a little green, yellow, magenta, or other color not normally associated with skin. The Correct Skin Tone Guided Edit easily fixes that problem. If you need more information on correcting skin tones, see the section “Adjusting skin tones ...

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