If you’ve read through earlier chapters of
this book, you’ve learned how to use specific
formatting, retouching, and painting tools
in Photoshop Elements. In this chapter,
you’ll explore a few new Photoshop tools
and techniques and see how to combine
several Photoshop Elements tools to create
your own projects. First well take a look at
Photomerge, a feature that automates much
of the work required to stitch together mul-
tiple images into a single panorama. Then
well look at two different ways of delivering
sets of images: using PDF slide shows and
Web photo galleries. Next, we’ll explore a
couple of techniques for creating animation
using the Layers palette and the Save for
Web dialog box. And well look at a couple
of methods for using the power of trans-
parency and layers for creating compelling
composite images.
Creative Techniques

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