Digital photography can be a bit of a double-
edged sword. Ironically, its greatest advantage
to the amateur photographer—the ability to
quickly and easily capture a large number of
images, and then instantly download them
to a computer—can also be its greatest source
of frustration. Once hundreds of images have
been downloaded, photographers find them-
selves faced with the daunting task of sorting
through myriad files with incomprehensible
filenames, to find those dozen or so “keep-
ers” to assemble into an album or post to the
Web for friends.
Photoshop Elements’ Organizer workspace
comes to the rescue, with a relatively simple
and wonderfully visual set of tools and func-
tions to help you locate, identify, and organ-
ize your photos. And since the Organizer is
designed to work hand-in-hand with the
Creations workspace, categories and collec-
tions of images that you assemble in the
Organizer can be imported directly into
Creations projects like slide shows, calen-
dars, and Web photo galleries.
The Windows
Photo Organizer
The Windows Photo Organizer

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