Appendix B. The Editor, Menu by Menu

The Editor’s menus are far more complex than the menus in the Windows Organizer. Both Standard Edit and Quick Fix have the same menus, although most choices are grayed out when you’re in Quick Fix mode. If you need a menu item that’s unavailable in Quick Fix, just switch back to the Standard Editor to use it.

There are a fair number of differences in the menu choices between the Windows and Mac versions of Elements. You’ll see those noted as they come up. Also, several of the menus in Elements are dynamic; they change quite a bit to reflect the choices currently applicable to your image. That means the choices you see in this appendix are only representative of those you might see. The Layer menu, for instance, offers you very different options depending on the current state of your image and which layer is active.

Photoshop Elements (Mac Only)

This menu contains items that relate to the entire Elements program. It’s where you find information about Elements, make your preference choices, hide Elements, and quit the program. (The blue Apple menu is OS X–related. Nothing in that menu pertains exclusively to Elements.)

About Photoshop Elements

Choose this and you’ll get a window showing which version of Elements you’re using. Option-click the menu for a window full of scrolling information about the people who created Elements and the many, many patents involved in the creation of this program. Keep holding Option while the window scrolls, and you’ll ...

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