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Photoshop Elements 3: The Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage

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The Missing Credits

About the Author

Barbara Brundage has taught people how to use Photoshop Elements since it first came out in 2001. She’s also a member of Adobe’s Elements 3 pre-release group. Barbara first got interested in Elements for creating graphics for use in her day job as a harpist, music publisher, and arranger. Along the way she joined the large group of people who are finding a renewed interest in photography thanks to digital cameras. If she can learn to use Elements, you can, too!

About the Creative Team

Peter Meyers (editor) works as an editor at O’Reilly Media on the Missing Manual series. He lives with his wife and cat in New York City. Email:

Linley Dolby (copy editor) spent several years in the production department at O’Reilly before moving to Martha’s Vineyard to pursue a freelance career. She now helps whip technical books into shape for several companies, including O’Reilly and Pogue Press. Email:

Grant Dixon (tech editor) is constantly amazed at how much creativity Elements can unleash once a little time is applied to learn the program. He is the creator of the Elements Challenge at http://www.cavesofice.org/~grant/Challenge/.

Galen Fott (tech editor) is a writer, animator, puppeteer, and the co-author (with Deke McClelland) of several books on Photoshop Elements. He also reviews software for PC Magazine and Macworld. Visit him at: www.grundoon.com.

Bryan O’Neil Hughes (tech editor) has been a Software Quality Engineer on Adobe’s Photoshop Team since 1999. He has helped test and develop several releases of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Rose Cassano (cover illustration) has worked as an independent designer and illustrator for twenty years. Assignments have ranged from the nonprofit sector to corporate clientele. She lives in beautiful Southern Oregon, grateful for the miracles of modern technology that make working there a reality. Email: Web: www.rosecassano.com

Philip Dangler (production editor) maintains a vintage Apple Macintosh museum in his office at O’Reilly. In his free time, he rolls his katamari around the world and goes snowboarding.


Many, many thanks to Galen Fott, Grant Dixon and Bryan Hughes for reading this book and giving me the benefit of their advice and corrections, and also to Rich Coencas for his help.

Special thanks also to graphic artist Jodi Frye (www.frontiernet.net/~jlfrye/Jodi_ Frye) for allowing me to reproduce one of her Elements drawings to show what can be done by those with more artistic ability than I have. Thanks also to Florida’s botanical gardens, especially Mckee Botanical Garden (http://www.mckeegarden.org), Historic Bok Sanctuary (http://www.boktower.org), and Harry P. Leu Gardens (http://www.leugardens.org), for creating oases of peace and beauty in our hectic world. Finally, I’d like to thank everyone in the gang over at the Adobe Photoshop Elements support forum for letting me pester them with questions as I was writing.

The Missing Manual Series

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