Chapter 22. Distorting with the Liquify Command

In This Chapter

  • Checking out the Liquify window

  • Understanding the options

  • Liquifying an image

Liquify is the only Elements filter that garners a chapter of its own. That's because Liquify is not your run-of-the-mill filter. Truth be told, it is the ultimate distortin' fool, with a bevy of tools, modes, and options that make it a good deal more complex than most of its kin on the Filter menu. The Liquify filter lets you push and pull on parts of your image, twist, turn, and pinch other parts, and bloat and reflect yet others. You can basically manipulate an image as though it were pliable saltwater taffy. And although this would be worthwhile entertainment on its own, you can actually use the Liquify filter to perform some productive tasks. Pick up any fashion magazine and we guarantee you that many of images of models and celebrities you see there have made their way through the Liquify filter for nips, tucks, and overall body sculpting. Yes, even those blessed with natural beauty are given a dose of digital beautification for good measure.

Exploring the Liquify Window

At first glance, the Liquify window is a little daunting. It's a little daunting on second, third, and fourth glances, too. But when you quit glancing and dive into this versatile filter, you find that the tools and options make a lot of sense.

Exploring the Liquify Window

You open the Liquify window by ...

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