Photoshop Finishing Touches

Book description

If you're primarily interested in finishing touches--the million creative ways you can use your favorite software to improve, polish, and add pizzazz to your images--this is the book for you! The first book devoted exclusively to the topic, Finishing Touches for Photoshop CS2 offers a treasure chest of creative finishing techniques. With chapters on frames and border effects, color and artistic effects, presentation, sharpening, and printing, this full-color guide covers everything from creative cropping to dramatic lighting, stock photos, collage ideas, combining black-and-white and color, selective blurring, storybook layouts, PDF presentation, and more. Each technique is a stand-alone tutorial, so you can jump in at any point without weeding through a lot of info that's not relevant to the task at hand. Even better, author Dave Cross' two-column format--with simple instructions in one column and lavish, full-color photos and artwork running alongside--makes the techniques instantly accessible. You'll also find several variations for most techniques as well as instructions for creating reusable templates.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
    1. Introduction
  5. Key Concepts
    1. Layer Masks
      1. Creating a Layer Mask
      2. Working with Layer Masks
    2. Quick Mask
      1. Getting a Different View
    3. Define Brush
      1. Making Your Own Brushes
    4. Define Pattern
      1. Making Your Own Pattern
    5. Strokes
      1. Edit > Stroke vs. Stroke Layer Style
    6. Free Transform
      1. Edit Using Free Transform
    7. Filters
      1. Creating Effects with Filters
    8. Blend Modes
      1. Changing Blend Modes
    9. From Illustrator to Photoshop
      1. Using Illustrator Shapes in Photoshop
    10. Adjustment Layers
      1. Making Editable Adjustments
    11. Blending Options
      1. Using the Blend If Sliders
    12. Layer Styles
      1. Adding Editable, Scalable Effects
    13. Threshold
      1. What Makes a Good Threshold Image
  6. Frames & Border Effects
    1. Applying a Filter to a Layer Mask
    2. Displacement Mapping to a Layer Mask
    3. Dry Brush Painting on a Layer Mask
    4. Making Your Own Brush
    5. Making Your Own Brush with a Pattern
    6. Painting Along a Layer Mask’s Path
    7. Smudging Along a Path
    8. Extracting a Border
    9. Extracting a Border and Burning the Edges
    10. Getting that Painted-on Look
    11. Inserting a Shape from Illustrator
    12. Inserting a Shape from Illustrator as a Smart Object
    13. Scanning in a Shape
    14. Applying a Filter to a Stroke
    15. Applying Filters to Shapes
    16. Painting a Border
    17. Painting Along a Path
    18. Painting and Smudging Along a Path
    19. Using Borders from Illustrator
    20. Defining a Border Brush
    21. Defining a Threshold Border
    22. Drawing Your Own Border
    23. Gallery Print
    24. Layer Style Border
    25. Building Frames—Version 1
    26. Building Frames—Version 2
    27. Two-Photo Effect
    28. Creating Borders with Stock Photos
  7. Color & Artistic Effects
    1. Making Colors Pop With Curves
    2. Making Colors Pop With Apply Image
    3. Burned-In Edges—Version 1
    4. Burned-In Edges—Version 2
    5. Burned-In Edges—Version 3
    6. Spotlight Effect
    7. Lighting Effect
    8. Gritty Extreme-Contrast Effect—Version 1
    9. Gritty Extremecontrast Effect—Version 2
    10. High-Contrast Fashion Look
    11. Convert to Black & White—Version 1
    12. Convert to Black & White—Version 2
    13. Convert to Black & White—Version 3
    14. Mostly Black & White With a Touch of Color
    15. Color Tint—Version 1
    16. Color Tint—Version 2
    17. Make it Old
    18. Gradient Map
    19. Split Toning
    20. Infrared Simulation
    21. Selective Blurring
    22. Soft Focus
    23. Slide Mounts
    24. Creating a Filmstrip
    25. One Photo, Two Sizes
    26. Photo Grid
  8. Presenting Your Work
    1. Photoshop Slide Shows
      1. Full-Screen Slide Show
      2. Layer Comp Slide Show
      3. Bridge Slide Show
    2. Pdf Presentation
    3. Smart Picture Package
    4. Web Photo Gallery
      1. Not for the Faint of Heart…
    5. Indesign Contact Sheet
  9. Credits
    1. Model Credits
  10. Key Concept Quick Card

Product information

  • Title: Photoshop Finishing Touches
  • Author(s): Dave Cross, Education and Curriculum National Association of Photoshop Professionals Senior Developer
  • Release date: July 2006
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321441669