Chapter 13. Making Your Own Prints

In This Chapter

  • Getting to know the print interface

  • Establishing a print workflow

  • Customizing print layouts

  • Creating templates

  • Working with your printer

The goal of Lightroom's Print module is to facilitate getting your digital work to paper in a color-managed environment with a high-quality output. (Say that three times fast.) While originally geared toward sending data to a local inkjet printer, Lightroom now also makes it possible to save your print layouts as a JPG file that you can deliver to a print service.

Inkjet printing has come a long way. The technology behind today's printers, inks, and papers offer photographers an incredible array of choice (combined with high quality) for creating dazzling prints of all sizes. At the same time, more online print services are appearing on the scene, offering both high quality and a competitive price. No matter which output path you choose, this is really an exciting time to be printing!

Making Your Own Prints

Can I tell you what I think is one of the greatest things about printing from Lightroom? It's that you can create a print right from your raw image data without first having to save a TIFF, PSD, or JPG copy of the original (most printing applications are unable to print raw files). Gone are the days of having to create and manage multiple versions of each file cropped, optimized, and prepared for each print size! The disk space ...

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