Chapter 15. Ten Common Lightroom Problems and Their Solutions

In This Chapter

  • Troubleshooting Lightroom

  • Restoring from a backup

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom

  • Fixing a black or blank slideshow

  • Figuring out why a slideshow isn't finishing

  • Vanishing buttons and missing photos

  • Knowing what to expect with preview display

  • Improving performance

Everyone has off days, and computers do too. Even worse is when those days coincide! A time may come when you're working along, and Lightroom behaves in an unexpected manner. This isn't cause for panic (that comes much later); it just means you have a problem to solve. Luckily, a number of resources and people can help.

Ten Common Lightroom Problems and Their Solutions

Between my work on the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) Help Desk and my time spent on various Lightroom-centric forums, I've found that if one person's had a particular problem, someone else has probably already gone through the same thing — a completely unique problem is rare. Sometimes problems are a result of user error, some are a result of a conflict with other applications on your system, and some are the result of limitations in the application.

Here are some of the most-frequently reported issues I've encountered (and their solutions) to hopefully save you a few gray hairs and lost hours. I've also included some guidelines on how to be your own Help Desk!

Lightroom Troubleshooting 101

The essential goal ...

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