11.3. Adding Text to Prints

There are a couple ways to add text to your prints. You can print an existing Identity Plate that contains text, create custom text, or use metadata such as file name, title, caption, creator, and keywords attached to your image file. Let's see how.

Let's start by assuming you have an existing Identity Plate containing text. (The Identity Plate can be a graphic, of course, in which case, everything I write here still holds true...except for the part where I talk about editing the text.)

In the Overlays pane, Figure 11-27 select the Identity Plate check box (circled). Your current Identity Plate will appear in the box. It will also appear in a bounding box in the display work area.

Figure 11-27a. Figure 11-27

Identity Plate Placement

You can change the orientation of the bounding box in the Overlays pane by degrees in the upper right side of the pane. (Clicking on [0 °] degrees brings up a pop-up menu.) Select Override Color and choose another color for the text by clicking on the color selection box. You can also control the Opacity and Scale of the text (or graphic) with the sliders.

Checking Render behind image places the Identity Plate, or part of the plate, behind the image. Choosing Render on every image places the content of the Identity Plate directly in the middle of every image in your layout. Figure 11-28 Use the Opacity and Scale slider ...

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