12.3. Adding Text to Web Galleries

Lightroom creates web pages that emphasize your images. But text is important, too. Not only will you want to credit your work so everyone can see, sometimes it's useful if you include other information about where, when, and how your images were made. Let's see how.

You can add text from the Site Info pane in the right panel or directly in the image work area by clicking in the text field (circled). Figure 12-36 Click on the arrow to the right of a text field and list of previously used text appears for you to choose from. You can't control the size or font without going under the hood and re-writing code yourself, but on a Mac you can spell check by right clicking on the text field and using the pop-up contextual menu. This is not an option with Windows.

Figure 12-36. Figure 12-36

You can type as much text as you want in the Collection Description field (circled) and Lightroom will automatically add the line returns when necessary. If you are using an HTML style, the Collection Description text will appear below the Site Title and Collection Title text on the thumbnail pages (circled). Figure 12-37

Figure 12-37. Figure 12-37

If you are using a Flash style, the Collection Description text will appear in a separate window when a viewer selects ...

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