8.3. Angela Drury Recipe 1: High Drama

Angela is the Iceland Adventure recipe master. Here is one of her favorite recipes, which you can use to apply this high drama to one of your own images. Two of Angela's other favorite recipes are explained in subsequent sections.

The original color image is shown here. Figure 8-10 The model's face, which was shot without benefit of a fill flash, is dark and lacks dramatic tonal distinction. To create a more stunning image, Angela follows the following procedure, all within Lightroom's Develop module:

Figure 8-10. Figure 8-10
  1. First, decrease the Basic pane's Saturation slider to −100, removing all color and creating a flat-looking image. Figure 8-11 Angela doesn't use Lightroom's Basic pane Grayscale conversion because, as you will see, she prefers using the Camera Calibration pane to adjust contrast and tone and give her image a unique look.

    Figure 8-11. Figure 8-11
  2. Adjust the exposure in the Basic pane as needed. In this example, Angela lightened up an otherwise dark image. Figure 8-12

    Figure 8-12. Figure 8-12
  3. Angela's next step is to apply a custom Lightroom preset she created and named B&W Medium Contrast. She made this preset using the ...

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