7.2. Basic Black and White Conversion

In Lightroom, black and white conversion is as simple or complex as you like. Let's start with the basic steps of converting an RGB color image into black and white. (In the next section, we'll move on to Lightroom's Grayscale Mix for fine-tuning control that will really give your work a professional look.)

You can quickly convert one or more color images to black and white from any of Lightroom's modules (except the Web module) by simply using an out-of-the-box preset. Here's how.

Using the Contextual Menu to Convert

In any module, except Web, place your cursor over the image preview window, and right-click. This brings up the contextual menu, where you can choose Convert to Grayscale from the Develop Settings subgroup. If you are satisfied with the results, you are done. Otherwise, you can go to the Develop module and fine-tune the results there. Figure 7-6 The contextual menu is also available in the filmstrip. Be sure to place your cursor over the image area, not the frame.

Figure 7-6. Figure 7-6

Convert from Quick Develop

From the Library module you can convert to black and white via the Quick Develop pane. Select the image (or images) you wish to convert from the preview display. Select as many images as you wish. Select Grayscale from the Treatment pop-up menu. Figure 7-7

Figure 7-7. Figure 7-7


Press the V key at any time in ...

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