6.5. Color Calibrating Your Camera

Lightroom produces a image look based on camera profiles created by Adobe. Use the Camera Calibration pane to customize these profiles to your own look. You can save these settings as a Lightroom preset and apply them at any time, or have them applied automatically on a camera-by-camera basis.

You can use any image to calibrate, but an image containing a color chart, shot under controlled lighting, will produce more predictable results. Figure 6-33

Figure 6-33. Figure 6-33

The keyboard shortcut +7 (Ctrl+7) will take you directly to the Camera Calibration pane in the Develop module.

The Calibrate Process

In the Develop module, with the Camera Calibration pane open, select a photo and select a Profile set from the pop-up menu. Figure 6-34 ACR (which stands for Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop's RAW converter, which also uses the same profiles as Lightroom) versions will appear.

Figure 6-34. Figure 6-34

ACR 3.0 or higher are the new and improved camera profiles. Often ACR 2.4 is listed, which means your camera didn't require the updated ACR profile. ...

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