3.2. Creating & Applying Keywords in the Library Module

Keywords are especially useful as your catalog grows and you need ways to find individual images or groups of similar images. Keywords, which can become part of your image file when you export, also make it easier for others to find your images. Not surprisingly, there are many ways to create and add keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that describe or are related to the content of an image. Images can be tagged with keywords that then become associated with that image file. Keywords can be applied to a single image, or a batch of selected images. Here are some of the different ways you can use Lightroom to edit, create, and apply keywords.

Use the Keywording Pane

When you select a thumbnail in the Library module Grid view, if it has any keywords attached to it, they will show up in the Keywording pane under Keyword Tags. Figure 3-40 If you select multiple images, all the keywords associated with all the images will appear. An asterisk next to a word indicates the keyword is applied to only some of the images.

Figure 3-40. Figure 3-40

Select Enter Keywords from the Keyword Tags pop-up menu to add or edit keywords directly in the text field. Selecting Keywords & Parents from the pop-up menu displays both the Parent and Child tags from the Keywords Tags pane. Selecting Will Export shows you which keywords will export with ...

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