9.1. Exporting Revealed

With Lightroom, you can export one photo at a time, or as many as you wish. Export choices are made in the Export dialog box, where you can enter a name, select the file format, size, color space, and more. If you are exporting a Catalog, the process occurs in the Export as Catalog dialog box. Let's see how it works.

You can export images from any Lightroom module by using the filmstrip to make your selection (circled). Make your choice, then use the menu command File→Export. Figure 9-1 Or you can use the keyboard shortcut +Shift+E (Ctrl+Shift+E). This brings up the Export dialog box, which I'll go over shortly.

Figure 9-1. Figure 9-1

You can select and export one batch of images with one set of settings (for instance, save as JPEG), and then, before the export process is complete, start another export with a different set of settings (for instance, save as TIFF). The export progress is noted in Lightroom's Progress bar (or bars, if you have two operations running at once). Figure 9-2

Figure 9-2. Figure 9-2

Export from the Library module

To export from Lightroom's Library module, start in the Grid view and select the image you wish to export. Select File→Export ...

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