2.2. Import Photos Dialog Options

After taking the first step to import your images, you are faced with several options via the Import Photos dialog box. Choosing the correct options here can make a big difference later, as you work with your images in Lightroom. Let's go through the process and see how to make appropriate choices.

After you select Import from the Lightroom workspace window, and after you navigate to and select the folder or files you want to import, you'll get a dialog box that looks something like this. (Windows and Mac dialog boxes will look slightly different.) Figure 2-6 If you are using a watched folder (covered later in this chapter) to import your images, you won't get this dialog box.

Figure 2-6. Figure 2-6

If you select Show Preview from the bottom left of the dialog box, thumbnail versions of the files are viewable on the right side of the box. A slider (circled) under the viewing area allows you to change the size of the thumbs. You can also select individual files directly from the thumbnails or use the Check All or Uncheck All buttons as well.

File Handling

The first decision you will need to make is how Lightroom handles your original files on import. Your choices are shown in Figure 2-7. Here's what each option offers:

Figure 2-7. Figure 2-7

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