2.1. Importing Images into Lightroom

There are several ways to import your images into Lightroom. There are also several things you can do on import that will make your job easier when you are ready to organize, edit, rate, and process your images in Lightroom. Let's start the process.

The Import Button

The most obvious way to start the Import process is by clicking on the Import button at the bottom of the left panel in the Library module (circled). Figure 2-1

Figure 2-1. Figure 2-1

Of course, if you don't see the button, just click on the triangle to the left of the workspace to reveal the side panel, or press the Tab key. After you select Import, you'll be prompted to navigate to the folder/files you wish to import.

Use the Keyboard or Menu Command

The Import Photos command can also be found under the File menu. (Windows and Mac menus are slightly different.) Figure 2-2 You can also start the import process with the keyboard shortcut +Shift+I (Ctrl+Shift+I). This command is available in all the modules; however, regardless of where you start, you'll always end up in the Library module after import.

Figure 2-2. Figure 2-2

Use the Drag and Drop Method

You can drag and drop images ...

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