8.8. Jóhann GuÐbjargarson Recipe: The Bergman Look

Iceland-born Jóhann has this recipe that produces what I call an Ingmar Bergman—like effect, after the Swedish filmmaker's dark and moody style. Jóhann turned a playful, light-hearted shot into a darker and more allegorical image. I've used variations on his settings on some of my images with similar results.

When he started working on the image shown in Figure 8-34, Jóhann's initial impulse was to use the Develop module's Basic pane exposure controls to try and bring back some detail in the sky. But as he worked on the image, he found he actually liked the blown out sky. It helped frame the top horse and he left the sky alone.

Figure 8-34. Figure 8-34

Here is Jóhann's procedure. It really works best on a RAW image. If you try this procedure on a non-RAW RGB file, you'll have to modify Step 1 because you won't have the same kind of White Balance control Jóhann had.

  1. Start the Basic pane, set the Temp slider to 4700 and the Tint slider to +89. Figure 8-35

    Figure 8-35. Figure 8-35
  2. Set the Brightness slider to +9 and the Contrast slider to +89.

  3. What comes next is counterintuitive. Increase the Vibrance slider to +86 and decrease the Saturation slider to −84. (Maggie Hallahan used this Yin-Yang approach earlier in this chapter.)

  4. In the ...

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