8.6. Maggie Hallahan Recipe: High Key

Maggie's Iceland photos often get a "Wow!" from people, and not just because they often feature a beautiful model. Maggie adds a personal touch to many of her images during processing in Lightroom. This results in a distinctive look, setting Maggie's work apart.

Here is the original shot in color. Figure 8-26 Maggie often shoots in so-called landscape orientation, even though she often ends up cropping her images into the vertical orientation. She has learned from years of experience that ad agencies and commercial stock houses often welcome the extra real estate on the sides, where type can be added to suit a client's needs.

Figure 8-26. Figure 8-26

Here is Maggie's procedure and the Develop module settings that she used create the shot you see on the next page. You can apply them to your own image, taking into account, of course, individual image characteristics.

  1. Slide the White Balance Temp slider to the right, warming up the image. Figure 8-27

    Figure 8-27. Figure 8-27
    Figure 8-27a. Figure 8-27
  2. Adjust the Exposure and Blacks sliders. Here, she slightly darkened the image by dropping the Exposure slider to −0.34, and gave it more depth by ...

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