8.1. Michael Reichmann Recipe: Controlled Toning

Readers of Michael Reichmann's immensely popular web site The Luminous Landscape (luminous-landscape.com) know how Michael feels about Lightroom's Grayscale Mix controls and Split Toning controls. He absolutely loves them! He has fine-tuned a toning method that produces great results, especially when viewed as a gallery-quality print.

Michael's original shot for this example is a beautiful color Icelandic landscape. Figure 8-1 When he finishes converting the color version into black and white and applies Split Toning to it, the results are stunning.

Figure 8-1. Figure 8-1

Here is what Michael does to produce his controlled toning effect:

  1. Select Grayscale from the HSL/ Color/Grayscale pane. Michael starts with Lightroom's Grayscale Mix Auto settings. Figure 8-2

    Figure 8-2. Figure 8-2
  2. Work the Grayscale Mix color sliders to taste. In this image, Michael darkened the sky slightly with the Blue slider, used the Orange slider to build more contrast in the mountains, and increased the Green slider to lighten up the foliage in the foreground. Figure 8-3

    Figure 8-3. Figure 8-3
  3. Next, judge what the monochrome image needs in terms of toning. ...

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