11.4. Printing Multiple Images

You can print multiple images on single or multiple pages, or you can print multiple copies of the same image on the same page. You can also crop images to fit a particular layout. And it's all really easy! Let's see how.

I'll start by making a contact sheet, and then move on to other layouts.

Creating a Contact Sheet

To create a contact sheet, start by selecting the images you want to include. You can do this in the Library module, or in the Print module via the filmstrip. For this example, I started in the Library module. I selected my Adventure slideshow collection, and then used +A (Ctrl+A) to select all the images. Figure 11-32

Figure 11-32. Figure 11-32

(Once you are in the Print module, you can also use +A (Ctrl+A) to select all the images in the filmstrip. +D (Ctrl+D) will deselect all the images.)

In the Print module, confirm that the images you want are all selected by observing the number in the info overlay (circled, top) or lower right side (circled, bottom). Figure 11-33

Figure 11-33. Figure 11-33

Choose one of the default contact sheet ...

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