4.4. Retouching Tools in Develop

Lightroom doesn't have anywhere near the retouching capabilities of its parent, Photoshop, but it's very competent in simple, common tasks, such as removing artifacts caused by dust on a sensor or removing red eye. Like everything else about Lightroom, the tools are non-destructive and always redoable.

The Develop module retouching tools are located in the toolbar (circled). Figure 4-39 If you select the Remove Spots tool, your options become Clone/Heal and Cursor Size. These tools can also be selected from the View menu.

Figure 4-39. Figure 4-39

Using the Remove Red Eye Tool

Let's start with the Remove Red Eye tool, which is very easy to use:

  1. Select the tool from the toolbar by clicking on the eye icon. The dark pupil icon becomes red when you have it selected.

  2. Place the pattern over the red eye with the crosshair positioned in the pupil. Figure 4-40 If the pattern is too large or too small, click and drag from the center of the eye until it is slightly larger than the eye. Release your cursor and the red should disappear.

    Figure 4-40. Figure 4-40
  3. To fine-tune the red eye removal, use the Pupil Size and Darken sliders in the toolbar. Figure 4-41 The Pupil size slider will increase or decrease the size of the pupil (left). The Darken slider affects ...

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