8.2. Richard Morgenstein Recipe: Mixing Light

For this recipe, Richard includes both a shooting and develop component. In the end, he creates an eerie look that works especially well on landscape shots (like the one used in this example) and portraits.

From a shooting point of view, Richard looks for a scene that contains a mix of natural and artificial ambient light. He sets his camera on a tripod and, in the case of this low-light shot, uses a long exposure (20 seconds at f/9) rather than bumping up the ISO and the camera's sensitivity. Figure 8-5

Figure 8-5. Figure 8-5

In the case of the example shown here, the result is a photo filled with unnatural colors. Pay particular attention to the tree in the photo. It is receiving light from the sky—which in Iceland in the summer never gets completely dark—and the mercury vapor street lights.

Once Richard imports his RAW photo into Lightroom and the Develop module, he does the following:

  1. Pick one of the light sources to correct. In this case, Richard chose to correct for the mercury vapor lights by placing his white balance tool on the sidewalk, in an area that received the most light from the lights and clicking. Figure 8-6 (To quickly select the White Balance tool, use the W key.)

    Figure 8-6. Figure 8-6

    Color-correcting for one ...

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