9.3. Saving Metadata to the Original File

In order to properly open or view your Lightroom adjusted image files in Adobe Camera Raw or Adobe Bridge—or another application that reads Lightroom-generated processing instructions—you'll need to make sure these develop settings travel with the file. In this section, I'll show you how to do so.

Before I get into the actual how-to of saving your Lightroom-generated metadata to an original file, here is some useful background information.

As long as you remain within the Lightroom environment, your images will look the way you intended. Lightroom keeps a record of the critical information associated with an image in a central catalog database and uses this information in conjunction with the original image to create a proxy (or preview) for you to view in Lightroom. This catalog database resides on your hard drive in a specified location. Figure 9-40

Figure 9-40. Figure 9-40

Pushing Develop Instructions onto the Original Image File

You can "push" the develop instructions from the Lightroom database onto the original image file if you want. This is necessary only if you plan to view or work on your images in an application such as Adobe Bridge or Adobe Camera Raw, as shown here. Figure 9-41 If you open your original image in an application that isn't capable of reading this information, the image might open, but you won't see any of your ...

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