11.2. Selecting & Printing a Single Full-Page Image

OK, now let's look at a simple procedure: selecting and printing a single, full-page image with no text. In the following sections, we will build complexity by adding text and then learning to print multiple images on the same page or on multiple pages.

Start by clicking an image to select it. Figure 11-18 You can do this in the Library module, or, if the image is visible, in the Print module filmstrip. To get to the Print module from any other module, click on Print in the module picker. The keyboard shortcut is +Option+4 (Ctrl+Alt+4).

Figure 11-18a. Figure 11-18

Pick the Maximize Size Template

In the Print module, select the Maximize Size template from the Template Browser pane. Figure 11-19 A preview of the template will appear in the Preview window. (Later, I'll show you how to modify existing templates and make your own.)

Figure 11-19. Figure 11-19

Set Page Setup

Select Page Setup from the toolbar, or from the File menu (File→Page Setup). In the resulting dialog box (which is different for Windows and Mac), select the appropriate printer and page size. Figure 11-20 The template will automatically scale the image to fit. ...

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