6.3. The HSL Color Pane

Lightroom's HSL Color pane is where you'll get color control like you have never seen it before. HSL stands for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance, and Lightroom uses a method of defining and working with color based on these three values. Many people will find working with color this way intuitive, easy, and fun!

The HSL/Color Controls

Let's take the HSL Color pane apart. Right away you will see three choices: HSL/Color/Grayscale. Figure 6-11 HSL and Color produce similar results, they just get you there in different ways. (I'll cover Grayscale in Chapter 7.)

Figure 6-11. Figure 6-11

HSL basics

If you click on HSL in the pane, you'll get the choices shown here. Figure 6-12

Figure 6-12. Figure 6-12

Hue sliders change the specified color. For example, change only the reds in your image to another color by sliding the Red slider left or right.

Saturation changes the color vividness or purity of the specified color. You can desaturate a specific color, say green, by sliding the Green slider to the left. You can saturate, say only the reds in your images by sliding the Red slider to the right.

Luminance changes the brightness of a specified color.

(If you select All, then Hue, Saturation and Luminance for all individual color ranges will all be visible in the ...

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