3.1. The Library Module Revealed

At first glance, Lightroom's Library module has similarities to Adobe Bridge and other image "browsers." Scalable previews in the viewing area can be easily sorted, edited, and have keywords and ratings applied. But, as you will see, there is much more to the Library module.

The Library module consists of the view control panel on the left, the activity control panel on the right, and the main viewing window in the middle. Figure 3-1 The left and right panels are divided into panes with specific functions. Near the bottom of the window is the toolbar and filmstrip. As we learned in Chapter 1, the panels, toolbar, and filmstrip can easily be hidden or, in some cases, resized, maximizing the viewing area.

Figure 3-1. Figure 3-1

Let's take a quick look at the basic components of the Library module, see what they do, and then get into specific Library module-related tasks.

The Left Panel (View Controls)

The left panel consists of the Navigator and other panes through which you can control and refine what is displayed in the main viewing window.

The Navigator pane

The Navigator pane displays the current active selection. Figure 3-2 While several images can be selected at once, only one image is considered active. (See "Selecting Thumbnails in Grid View & Filmstrip," later in this chapter.) Clicking on the image in the Navigator pane immediately takes ...

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