10.1. The Slideshow Module Revealed

Let's start by going over the basics of the Lightroom Slideshow module. Then I'll show you how we created the Iceland Adventure slideshow step-by-step, giving you details about adding text and captions and exporting your finished work to either a PDF slideshow or a Quicktime movie.

Get to the Slideshow module by clicking on Slideshow in the Module picker, or using the keyboard shortcut +Option+3 (Ctrl+Alt+3). Images from the Lightroom Library viewing area will be automatically included in your slideshow. Figure 10-1 You can change to another recently viewed selection without leaving the Slideshow module via the filmstrip pop-up menu; click the arrow icon in the filmstrip toolbar (circled).

Figure 10-1. Figure 10-1

You can also make a selection of images in the filmstrip and play only that selection. Do this by making your selection in the filmstrip (circled), and then selecting Play→Which Photos→Play Selection from the menu bar.Figure 10-2

Figure 10-2. Figure 10-2

The Lightroom Slideshow module is organized much like the other modules already discussed, and should feel very familiar by now. There is a left and right panel, a viewing area, a ...

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