12.1. The Web Module Revealed

Web galleries are created in Lightroom's Web module, which is stating the obvious, right? OK, let's break the Web module down to its specific components and describe it that way. Then, in subsequent sections, we'll see how to put the Web module to practical use.

Here is the Web module, in full, with left and right panels, workspace, toolbar, and filmstrip visible. As is true with all the Lightroom modules, you can customize the work area by closing or resizing panels and expanding or shrinking the filmstrip. Figure 12-1

Figure 12-1. Figure 12-1


If you create a Lightroom Web Gallery using HTML, it will be viewable on all web browsers. Preview images will be viewed at the size you set in the Lightroom Web module. If you create the gallery using Flash, the viewer will require a widely available browser plug-in for Flash. Flash Web galleries produce online slideshows with smooth transitions and auto resizing based on the size of the viewer's browser window.

Web Preview Pane

In the preview window, you can view template page layouts from the Template Browser. Just hold your cursor over a template name and it will appear in the preview window. Figure 12-2 You can tell if you are creating a HTML- or a Flash-based gallery by looking at the icon in the lower left corner of the Preview window (circled).

Figure 12-2. Figure 12-2

Web Module Template ...

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