3.7. Using Quick Develop

The Library module contains streamlined image processing capabilities via Quick Develop. Quick Develop is especially handy if you want to apply a simple white balance correction or a relative exposure bump to a large group of selected images.

You'll find the Quick Develop tools under the Histogram in the right side panel of the Library module. To expand any pane, click on the arrow key (circled, top). To reveal the Crop Ratio and Treatment choices, you need to click on the up and down arrows (circled, bottom) Figure 3-102 When you apply Quick Develop settings, the image previews, regardless of what viewing mode you are in, will update accordingly. The image in the Navigator window will also update to reflect your adjustments.

Figure 3-102. Figure 3-102

Applying Saved Presets

Several presets ship with Lightroom which apply settings ranging from Aged Photo conversion to Zero'd to your selected images. Figure 3-103

Figure 3-103. Figure 3-103

You can also make your own presets in the Develop module, which will appear in the Saved Preset pop-up menu as well. (I'll get into creating Develop presets in subsequent chapters.)

To apply a preset to one image, select that image and choose the appropriate preset. To apply a preset to a batch of images, select all ...

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