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Photoshop Production for eLearning: Creating Lower Thirds

Video Description

Tired of seeing your hard work met with a yawn? Do you want to create online learning content that exhilarates instead of bores? In just a few minutes you can create dynamic lower third graphics that can be used to augment your video and screencast based online learning. In this course, using Photoshop, you'll learn the process to create great looking lower third graphics that can be used with any number of online learning content delivery methods. You can use lower thirds to make video content more interesting by offering additional information, to provide proof to doubters by documenting sources during video lectures, to satisfy the curious by providing URLs and other resources to learners, to forge a relationship with online instructors by identifying off-camera and on-camera speakers, to engage learners with discussion and review questions, to create a brand by reinforcing brand elements in your design, to set yourself apart by ad a developer by including engaging elements that aren't included in 90% of other online learning, and much, much more. This course which will take just about an hour of your time includes a great activity that will review the step-by-step process to creating great lower third graphics. This course is part of the Beginning Photoshop for Online learning series, which teaches the most important Photoshop techniques eLearning developers need to know to create stunning visuals in their online learning content.