Chapter 16

Assembling the Mechanical Parts


Bullet Taking stock of the racking options available for PV arrays

Bullet Loading up the roof

Bullet Sealing the roof before you attach an array

Bullet Keeping the array on the ground with the right support

For many people moving into the field of PV system design and installation, the electrical side of the installation process is a little different from their current knowledge base but close enough to what they know that they can pick up that part of the process rather quickly. The mechanical side, on the other hand, can be very overwhelming for a number of people; the idea of going onto someone’s roof, drilling a hole in it, and then being held responsible for any future issues is a bit much for some folks. Yet in order to be successful in the PV world, you have to feel comfortable with the mechanical aspects of the job. Why? Because the reality of PV installations is that there’s just as much — and often more — detail involved in the structural and mechanical components of a PV system (in other words, the mounting of a PV array and all that goes ...

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