Chapter 18

Commissioning, Inspecting, and Maintaining a PV System


Bullet Performing a pre-commissioning inspection

Bullet Following a commissioning sequence

Bullet Having an installed system inspected

Bullet Maintaining a PV system

After the PV array and all the associated equipment have been installed, the entire system is ready to be checked out and turned on; this start-up process is officially known as commissioning the system. But before you get too excited and start flipping switches, you need to make sure that everything has been installed correctly and that no obvious issues are present that can be resolved sooner rather than later. In this chapter, I show you how to conduct these preliminary checks and introduce you to the main points for commissioning a PV system. When in doubt, consult the equipment manufacturers to make sure you aren’t going to cause damage to the equipment (and yourself!).

After commissioning, you need to have the local building department send an inspector to look over your system; this inspection officially completes the system installation process. I delve into ...

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