A.23. PHP

Classes related to the PHP language itself

A.23.1. apd

Repository: PECL - License: PHP License - By George Schlossnagle (lead)

A full-featured engine-level profiler/debugger

A.23.1.1. Description

APD is a full-featured profiler/debugger that is loaded as a zend_extension. It aims to be an analog of C's gprof or Perl's Devel::DProf.

A.23.2. bcompiler

Repository: PECL - License: PHP - By Alan Knowles (lead)

A bytecode compiler for classes

A.23.2.1. Description

bcompiler enables you to encode your scripts in phpbytecode, enabling you to protect the source code.

bcompiler could be used in the following situations

  • to create a exe file of a PHP-GTK application (in conjunction with other software)

  • to create closed source libraries

  • to provide ...

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