12.3. Release Versioning

This section assumes that you have read the “Version Numbers” section in Chapter 10.

The first rule defines the version number of the first stable release:

  • The first stable release of a package must use the version number 1.0.0.

  • Releases prior to the first stable release must use a 0.x version number, and must not be stable.

  • Backward compatibility may be broken arbitrarily between 0.x releases.

    After the first stable release, some more rules start kicking in:

  • Release 1.N must be compatible with 1.M where N > M. For example, 1.3 must be compatible with 1.2.

  • Release N.x may break compatibility with M.x where N > M. For example, 3.0 may break compatibility with 2.4.

  • New features require that the minor version increases (for example, ...

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