Section V

Using a Database

  • Lesson 18: Introducing Databases
  • Lesson 19: Introducing MySQL
  • Lesson 20: Creating and Connecting to the Database
  • Lesson 21: Creating Tables
  • Lesson 22: Entering Data
  • Lesson 23: Selecting Data
  • Lesson 24: Using Multiple Tables
  • Lesson 25: Changing Data
  • Lesson 26: Deleting Data
  • Lesson 27: Preventing Database Security Issues

Variables in PHP hold information, but only for the length of the program. You can fill in a form to get information, but you need to store it somewhere. You need a place to hold your data that is still there after the program ends. This section introduces you to what databases are and how to design a database. You learn how to create a MySQL database, how to set up the appropriate tables, and how to use the MySQL scripting language within PHP to create, update, query, and delete information.

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