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PHP Essentials

Video Description

Master how to script in PHP for web development in this ten-part video series, covering:

  • PHP Overview. This first clip in this PHP video series explains PHP and how it allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases.
  • PHP Setup. This second clip in this PHP video series shows you how to set up the PHP environment. We will use the Notepad++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the WAMP local server.
  • PHP Basic Components. This third clip in this PHP video series covers the basic components and syntax of PHP. Practice working with the PHP variable types of integers, doubles, Booleans, NULLs, and strings. Practice applying arithmetic, comparison, logical, assignment, and conditional operator types. Create if, elseif, and else decision making statements. Create write for, while, do…while, and foreach loops.
  • PHP Basic Web Development. This fourth clip in this PHP video series gets you started with PHP web development. Learn about browser identification and platform, environment variables, html forms, and browser redirection.
  • PHP GET and POST. This fifth clip in this PHP video series explains and shows you how to use the GET and POST methods.
  • PHP Functions. This sixth clip in this PHP video series covers everything you need to know about PHP functions, including what they are, their various types, and how to define them. Also practice creating functions with parameters.
  • PHP Cookies. This seventh clip in this PHP video series explains cookies and how to create them PHP. Learn about the three steps of identifying, returning, and using cookies. Learn about the setcookie, isset, and deletecookie functions.
  • PHP Sessions. This eighth clip in this PHP video series explores the Session, which is an alternative way to make data accessible across the various pages of a website. Learn how to create and destroy sessions.
  • PHP File Upload. This ninth clip in this PHP video series shows you how to upload files to a server using PHP.
  • PHP and MySQL. This tenth clip in this PHP video series shows you how to connect PHP to a MySQL database using a user authentication demo as an example.

Table of Contents

  1. PHP Overview 00:05:41
  2. PHP Setup 00:08:55
  3. PHP Basic Components 00:18:15
  4. PHP Basic Web Development 00:11:23
  5. PHP GET and POST 00:06:01
  6. PHP Functions 00:08:14
  7. PHP Cookies 00:10:08
  8. PHP Sessions 00:04:57
  9. PHP File Upload 00:09:00
  10. PHP and MySQL 00:14:06